In an epidemic or pandemic, infection spreads as if in a web. If just one chain of transmission in this web is missed, the virus can continue to quickly spread throughout the community and the country. Evidence shows that rapid contact tracing combined with a large-scale virus-testing program could not only mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic, but stop it entirely. This can only be accomplished with a massive army of qualified Contact Tracers, backed by COVID-19-related technology innovations and a supportive business model and infrastructure.


Contact-Tracing-as-a-Service (CTaaS) is a newly-developed mitigation/eradication model that provides a cloud-based, integrated, turnkey, ‘end-to-end’ approach to contact tracing. CV-19.org’s CTaaS innovation includes: 1) a fully integrated cloud-based technology platform; 2) a national network of state-licensed, bonded and insured Professional Investigators (already highly skilled in investigative and tracing practices); 3) a complete contact tracing support infrastructure (via key global strategic partnerships); and 4) a process innovation approach which incorporates a CDC-recommended operational blueprint involving a  strategic ‘Division of Labor’ approach between public health case investigator/ management specialists and CD-19.org’s Professional Investigators/Contact Tracers.


Technology Platform

CV-19.org’s technology platform includes a suite of Case Management Tools, which provide significant database analytics and information proficiencies; and  Contact Tracing Tools, which provide enhanced exposure notification, contact tracing, and case monitoring capabilities.

Data Analytics

CV-19.org delivers a game-changing data-fusion technology application which provides actional data in seconds--specifically developed for licensed Professional Investigators. It helps solve cases faster, easier and more affordably.

Workforce Management

CV-19.org uses workforce management technology that digitally automates and simplifies the processes of workforce communications and tracking, job scheduling, and data input. The end-game for this technology is to assign and support our network of 5,000 to 10,000 Professional Investigators/ Contact Tracers in the most effective and efficient way. 


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