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Covid-19 Contact Tracing

GLOBAL AND NATIONALLY-COORDINATED CONTACT TRACING INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTION ( delivers a holistic systems approach and solution to the global COVID-19 pandemic. provides global public health stakeholders with a nationally-coordinated “easy button” solution for their contact tracing infrastructure needs.’s leading-edge technology platform and Contact Tracing-as-a-Service (CTaaS) mitigation and control framework delivers an integrated, turnkey, ‘end-to-end’ approach to achieving this objective. As such, we can provide global public health stakeholders with a highly effective vehicle through which they can best execute national mitigation and control plans related to contact tracing. 

National Variant Contact Tracing/Ring Vaccination Framework has researched and developed a comprehensive variant contact tracing/ring vaccination framework that addresses the major gaps in the current COVID-19 systems intervention approaches—including those gaps present in most national mass immunization/herd immunity plans.  

Contact tracing is a basic data-driven public health strategy involving the identification, location, and notification of potentially infected persons who have been within close proximity to a patient infected with COVID-19.  It is an essential tool for epidemic and pandemic response. Ring vaccination is a proven ‘surveillance-containment’ vaccination strategy that focuses on creating an immune belt around an infected person or population segment through highly targeted contact tracing and rapid, priority vaccination. Together, these strategies have already demonstrated their combined potential by defeading several other epidemics and pandemics, including Ebola, SARS, and Smallpox. This is illustrative of how they could similarly deliver “maximum suppression” of the virus and help defeat COVID-19 once and for all.

Covid-19 Detective



Technology Platform has developed a secure ‘privacy-first,’ blockchain-enabled contact tracing technology platform that will be instrumental in executing national COVID-19 mitigation and control objectives. It involves our innovative TRaCE™ Platform, built upon a fully integrated framework of customized COVID-19 technologies from proven global developers. As such, it more effectively integrates and coordinates existing contact tracing (and related) applications at all levels of government while enabling efficient information exchange and harmonized disaggregated public health data.


Data Analytics's technology innovations deliver 'next-level' data analytics capabilities, including a game-changing data-fusion technology application which provides actional data in seconds--specifically developed for licensed Professional Investigators and Contact Tracers. It helps solve complex contact tracing cases faster, easier and more affordably.


Workforce Management uses workforce management technology that digitally automates and simplifies the processes of workforce communications and tracking, job scheduling, and data input. The end-game for this technology is to assign and support our anticipated 'Strike-Force' network of 5,000 to 10,000 Professional Investigators/ Contact Tracers in the most effective and efficient way. It has the additional capacity to extend these unique workforce management tools to the projected larger U.S. and international networks of Contact Tracers.


Contact Tracing Infrastructure
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